Like a tennis player trying to break into the top 50, Big Data Tennis has busted our backs for over three years to help our customers around the world gain insights and profits for fantasy tennis and tennis betting. Unfortunately, the realities of business have caught up to our goals and ambitions.

We have made the difficult, but I believe correct, decision to shutter Big Data Tennis this week after the conclusion of the Indian Wells tournament.

I can't say loud or often enough how appreciative I am for the support of so many customers over the years! We've shared lots of big wins and fun scenarios along the way. Any start-up is a grind, but you've helped make it that much more satisfying along the j

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback for me, our technical team, or investors, I will continue to be available at

Wishing you all the best in tennis, betting and life!

Matthew and the Big Data Tennis team